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Submitted: 21 February 2013 Modified: 23 November 2016

Herdin Record #: NCR-RITM-13022113302636

Level of awareness towards dengue among the residents of Barangay Kauswagan


1Kristin Jane R. Abiva Author
2Janikka Kissey F. Acain Author
3Lordjec A. Arbois Author
4Monique Carmelle V. Baluran Author
5Hanna Alyanna P. Becoy Author
6Sariah April Dela E. Cruz Author

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Publication Type:
Publication Sub Type:
Journal Article, Original
Nursing Research Journal
Publication Date:
January 2012
Liceo de Cagayan University


This study aimed to determine the level of awareness in preventive measures for dengue fever among the residents of Barangay Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City. The study sought to: (1) describe the profile of the respondents in terms of informational sources and highest educational attainment and to; (2) assess the level of awareness of the respondents on the preventive measures on dengue fever. A modified questionnaire was used in the study. The data were analyzed and presented through the Frequency Counts, Weighted Mean and Ranking. The purposive sampling method was used to identify the respondents of the study. The respondents have more knowledge about using mosquito nets as their way of preventing dengue. Half of the respondents have attained the secondary level of education and the lowest percentage of educational attainment has primary level of education. The respondents were most aware in the use if mosquito nets through practice.

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